Woods Media Group provides their industry knowledge and assurance to your advertising campaigns. Our refined billboard truck designs are unsurpassed and customized to fit your needs!

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Billboard trucks travel directly to Regional, national and international  locals where they work, live and play

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Mobile advertising makes it possible to target events, competitors and locations where would be most beneficial.

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Billboard trucks offer high visibility and creative displays that capture the attention of locals and tourists.

Billboard Truck Ads deliver high-impact impressions at lower costs!

Las Vegas locals and visitors love experiencing new and exciting things, and exposure to mobile billboard brand messaging promotes consumer interest. While the Las Vegas Strip does otter advertising marquee options, free-standing billboards are limited. Billboard trucks offer consistent brand ads that allows for specific audience targeting. Visitors take brand advertising impressions home with them.

Ad exposure applied to local, national and international audiences in the Las Vegas area with high-impact messaging, day or night.

Billboard trucks make it possible to target key audiences with routes that are customized both demographically and geographically.

Woods Media Group offers fully brand-mobile billboard wraps and mobile advertising with billboard trucks. Eye-level visibility of billboard true surpasses static billboards, which generally above eye-level, are harder to see against the chaotic Las Vegas Strip background.

Woods Media Group offers billboard trucks and mobile advertising to high traffic and density areas, providing the most effective visibility for consumers.

Billboard truck ads generate a lower CPM compared to other types of advertising, which includes the standard static billboards. Billboard trucks are cost-effective, customizable and highly visible, providing a greater reach for your consumer audience.

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